Top Idiomas Dutch for Beginners

Learning Dutch becomes very pleasant with this interactive language course for beginners on PC DVD-ROM. You will look forward to sampling Dutch hospitality, and speaking to people in their own language. A built-in word-trainer prepares you and teaches you a wide range of useful sentences. These are broken down into carefully chosen topics that will soon enable you to put your newly learned skills into practice. You can even record your own pronunciation. Voice recognition analyses and evaluates the results. The well organised grammar makes you familiar with the principles of the language and helps you to successfully complete the varied exercises. We wish you a lot of fun with this course!

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Voice recognition
Your computer closely analyses and evaluates your pronunciation. You can also record your own pronunciation.

Interactive word-trainer
You can also rehearse separate words with our word-trainer that evaluates your pronunciation.

A practical course
The course focuses on practice. Its objective is to enable you to hold conversations in Dutch in a very short time.
Contains a wide range of exercises
As the exercises emphasise your listening, writing and speaking skills you will progress very rapidly.

Every lesson provides you with a well organised complete grammar review related to the lesson.

This unique program maintains a report of your performance in the different skills.
Automatic updates!
A special feature of this software is that at any time you can use the newest version of the course. The software detects not only new versions of the program but also new versions of the language course contents. So, you always work with the newest version.

Minimum system requirements
Pentium III
Windows 98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP/Vista/Windows7
RAM: 96MB (XP home) - 160 MB (XP prof.) – 1GB (Vista/Windows7)
100 MB free space
Sound card
SVGA 1024x768
Microphone recommended
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